About Us



  • Poly Rabbotics Team 7042 is a FIRST robotics team that is currently entering its second year. In the past fourteen months, Team 7042 has grown to 35-40 students, sent a robot to the LA and OC Regionals, and won the Rookie Inspiration Award.
  • The process of this project has been a source of confidence and knowledge that we look forward to applying in college, internships, and future careers. We hope that it continues to prove to be a resource for our school.


FIRST Competition

  • FIRST is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring young students to study the STEM fields. In order to reach children of all ages, FIRST organizes four different annual competitions. Each year, teams of high school students, coaches and mentors work during a six-week period to build game-playing robots designed for the competition.
  • The FIRST Robotics Competition is the focus of our Team 7042 and the most advanced FIRST program, including over 91,000 students and mentors worldwide.


Poly Rabbotics - Community Outreach

  • Team 7042 is not only committed to the education of its members but also in making a difference at other  schools. 
  • Work is continuing on a FIRST Lego League team at Roosevelt Elementary, a VEX team in the IVA charter school, and an independent STEM education program for special ed at Poly High School.
  • We are also always looking for sponsors and reaching out to the Long Beach community to help us with this commitment.

Meet The Rabbotics Leadership Team


Team Co-Captains

Marine Alais & Emily Dagel

Mechanical Team - They Construct the Robot

Cassidy Powers & Naveed Torabzadeh 

Design/CAD Team - They Design The Robot

Sydney Lara |  Sebastian Matiauda | Naveed Torabzadeh  | Lucas Pruett

Programming Team - They Make the Robot Do Stuff

Melissa White

Electrical Team - They Make the Robot Move

Bryce Martinez & William Terlinden 

Logistics Team - They Do Everything Else

Outreach | Nicole Lopez & Dan Dao 

Financial | Ethan Lam

Social Media | Chanleakana Thon 

And All the Members...

Adam Traut, Coco Sanabria, Cohan Manzon, Don Dao, Hamid Torabzadeh, Juliana Covarrubis, Lucille Alais, Lux Vadakan, Maya Curry, Miguel Saenz, Peter Donovan, Samuel Santana, Shiraz Rezaei, Sophia Kellog, Tori Celeste, William Ramos, Tara Rahai