Welcome to LB Poly Rabbotics

About Us

What We Are?

We are a team of committed high school students who have established a robotics team at Long Beach Poly.  Each student has diligently studied various branches of robotic engineering and are actively using their knowledge through this real world project.  The Poly Rabbotics team is dedicated to putting their best foot forward in this year’s  FIRST Robotics competition! 

FIRST Competiton


FIRST Robotics Competition is an international high school robotics competition. Each year, teams of high school students, coaches, and mentors work during a six-week period to build game-playing robots designed for the competition.

 A big advantage to participating in FIRST is gaining access to millions in college scholarships made available by colleges, universities, and corporations who support FIRST. This is exclusive financial help open only to FIRST team members, giving them a competitive leg up on other students seeking educational funds.   

Poly Rabbotics-Community Connection

We are always looking for sponsors and reaching out in the Long Beach community.